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Want to know how your website is really performing?

It's not an extra - your website.  Buyers are cruising it long before they talk with your sales team. It's the place where they build trust and interest, or?

 Get Your Grade ⇣

Four things you really need to know about your website:


In about as much time as it takes to order new beach toys on Amazon, the website grader will give you an instant snapshot in these four areas:  



Performance - is your website giving your visitors the experience they need and Google requires to get more traffic?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Does your website put out the right signals to attract more visitors?  


Mobile - When people visit your website on one of their devices beyond a desktop computer, does it behave or make them pinch and stretch? 


Security - We're all security conscious today and websites need to protect your visitors and your company. 


Your next website redesign


The Top 4 Situations to Avoid

From shallow designs with no way to capture leads to complex and costly custom-built websites, there are a lot of ways you can avoid another horrible web build.

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beautifully shallow design

Websites that look amazing, and operate like other market leaders, promise to make you look like a worthy competitor. But, they don't create leads using organic traffic or convert more visitors to customers. Plus, a massive ad budget is still required to gain new visitors.

What does a website designed for growth look like?


customized WordPress

WordPress has long been an attractive platform to build websites that on the surface seems like a quick and easy web builder download. But, constant updates and open-source technology lead to massive security gaps that require expensive hosting, plus a very long list of additional software plugins and licenses that take time and money to maintain. This approach to custom website design is full of pitfalls and a heavy maintenance cost.

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a brochure website

If the focus of the website is mostly about you and doesn't address the viewpoint of the customer, expensive websites that are built on even the best web platforms can incorporate everything you think you want, but it results in zero new leads. All that expense might not perform better than a self-made website if you have good skills.

Wondering how to escape just another brochure website?


hit and run web development

Run for cover if a web builder doesn't provide a plan for what comes after the web build.  Websites that are high performers have ongoing optimization on a regular basis based upon data, plus they deliver the content that the data shows visitors and customers want.

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Your website should take your story to the next level and deliver on
growth you can track.


You need a website that connects what makes your story unique to what's driving your prospects forward.

How to build a website that delivers

A modern approach to web builds will launch a site with a built-in buyer's journey and a fresh way to connect prospects to your unique story.