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Why Web Builds Suck


(...and how to avoid getting trapped in a web build you hate.)


Big cost, no results

A web build can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and result in a static set of pages that return nothing from your investment.


Focus on the "pretty"

Most web design firms are so focused on the features and visuals that they forget to make content the most important (and converting) aspect.


Exhausting process with underwhelming results

Web builds take a lot of time, substantial team effort, and often leave you feeling a little disappointed at the end.

What you were hoping for in your new website

You wanted your website to not only look amazing, but you also want it to bring in more leads and customers...but when you get the new site you aren't sure it will work any better than the old one.

You should be able to count on 
your website to deliver leads


The truth is, your website might only be operating like a brochure that is glanced at and discarded. All the while you know that your competitor's websites are actually working to grow their businesses. What gives?


team applauding success


icon-check You need to launch website that is focused on winning new business
icon-check You need a site that brings in more traffic + has the ability to track outcomes
icon-check You need a website that is easy and fast to update  

Web is a priority, but it has to actually work


Your next website redesign


The Top 3 Situations to Avoid

From shallow designs with no way to capture leads to complex and costly custom-built websites, there are a lot of ways you can avoid another horrible web build.

cold page pitfall image 1-01


beautifully shallow design

Websites that look amazing, and operate like other market leaders, promise to make you look like a worthy competitor. But, they don't create leads using organic traffic or convert more visitors to customers. Plus, a massive ad budget is still required to gain new visitors.

What does a website designed for growth look like?


customized WordPress

WordPress has long been an attractive platform to build websites that on the surface seems like a quick and easy web builder download. But, constant updates and open-source technology lead to massive security gaps that require expensive hosting, plus a very long list of additional software plugins and licenses that take time and money to maintain. This approach to custom website design is full of pitfalls and a heavy maintenance cost.

cold page pitfall image 2-01
cold page pitfall image 3-01


a brochure website

If the focus of the website is mostly about you and doesn't address the viewpoint of the customer, expensive websites that are built on even the best web platforms can incorporate everything you think you want, but it results in zero new leads. All that expense might not perform better than a self-made website if you have good skills.

Wondering how to escape just another brochure website?


Your website should never be a sunk cost. Such a large investment has to result in
growth you can track.


You need a website that works as hard as you.

How to build a website that delivers

A modern, data-driven approach to web builds will launch a site quickly, painlessly, and with a built-in Buyer's Journey.