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What if the lack of quality leads isn't a marketing problem? 


Something has changed in the buyer journey that needs to be fixed.

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The conversation people used to have with sales...is now with marketing.

Buyers are spending more time consuming what's online before they talk with sales.

As much as 70% of buying decisions made online.

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People don't know how to buy what you sell.

Good customers have to be educated and get more than a pitch online. They need help making good decisions.

The insights of both marketing and sales together are what lead to qualified customers. 

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It's like sales and marketing live on two different planets.

Marketing is good at promoting the product but what customers crave is the customer focus & value that experienced salespeople deliver.  

We need to build the sales experience into the marketing process.  


Ideally, prospects would receive real value throughout the entire buying experience (online and in-person). 

What's needed is a way to take the

customer instincts 

of sales and deliver them in the online experience. 

cold marketing alignment to customer searching online

If we could do that...

icon-check Leads would be more qualified
icon-check You'd build trust by speaking to customer needs and problems
icon-check You could clear objections long before the sales conversation
icon-check Sales velocity and revenue would rise

The top 3 ways we react to low revenue.

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Work marketing and sales harder, but separately

Creating goals and providing training can help build more effective marketing and sales teams, but will only yield incremental improvement at the beginning, or the end of the buying experience.

The disconnect will continue with no way to find and move qualified people to sales readiness.


Pour on the advertising

You can buy more ads, purchase leads and get prospect attention in hopes of increasing lead flow. If those new prospects are still encountering anemic experiences online that don't do the spade work of qualifying and education, you won't' get a larger number of qualified and high-readiness customers.

You might actually get worse leads.


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Turn to software as a magic bullet

With more than 5,000 pieces of software ready and waiting with a promise to solve your challenge, it is a tempting fix. 

The problem with the software-only approach is that it can't transfer experience or insight to give buyers what they really want. It just automates processes that might still be broken.

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Great customers result when we tell a single seamless story 

...that starts from the first encounter and continues into the customer relationship

What if your next big revenue jump came from simply aligning sales and marketing?