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The way to win buyers online has changed.

Become the source of expert answers they are searching for. 


Buyers are tired of endless searching 

...you are now in a competition to deliver the best answers, not just another article in search.

They want expert answers 

...they simply want straight answers to their real questions, questions your competition doesn't want to answer.

Served up in their channel

To win today, you've got to share expert insights in your buyer's preferred information channel...social, search, video...wherever they prefer.

The era of generic content and social has ended, and the era of answers has begun.

How we discovered the answer economy

Reshape your content strategy to match what buyers demand 

To win more quality customers you have to share your expertise efficiently, in a way that doesn't disrupt your day job. 

If you have the expertise, then you can own the answers in your space.


Own the Questions

Identify the key questions that move buyers forward or hold them back, and the questions that your competitors won't dare to answer.

Exponential Multi-Channel

With minimal time translate internal expertise into content for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SEO, and email, all from our advanced virtual studio.

Own the AnswersTM

Use our content program to efficiently become the source of authoritative content in the key places your customers prefer to search.

Own the AnswersTM

Translate your industry insights into winning online content.

Your buyers don't know how to buy well or navigate the market to get what they need. Your transparent insights are the key to building trust and helping them make good purchase decisions. But you've got to translate your expertise into messages they can find where they look for help. Those answers are the key to satisfying the new demand for answers and placing your brand story in many new channels.

This is the content strategy that places your expertise front and center where customers search. 

Step 1

Define Market Winning Questions & Channels

Identify the important questions that move customers forward or hold them back.

Step 2

Prep the Answers

Your SME meets with a production coach to prepare their answers.

Step 3

Capture Expert Insights

We meet in our advanced virtual studio to capture your expert insights.

Step 4

Turn Expertise into Answers

Our team converts your insights into multi-channel content that will meet your customers where they search for help.

Step 5

Share the Answers

Your answers are shared in all the channels that matter to your customers, they find you and share your information with others.

Step 6

More Quality Customers & Stronger Market Position

Because you are building trust all the way through the buyer journey, your new customers come with trust for you already built-in.

Get Started

Book Own the Answer sessions in our virtual studio and we'll create the content, videos and answers that your customers are looking for. You'll win in SEO, social media and in trust-building with customers.

  • Minimal Time Requirement

  • Stop outsourcing generic content

  • Reach more customers

  • Stand out in the market

  • Be where customers are going

I'm Interested in Owning the Answers in My Market

(Get a free book and a 30% discount on the process)
For pricing see FAQs

Own the Answers


Answer your questions about Story Collaborative's Own the Answer Program

How much time is required?


Each quarter you'll spend 2 hours capturing and prioritizing the customer questions and answers for the next quarter.


Just 2 hours. For each monthly studio session that you book, you'll spend 1 hour in a pre-production meeting where we'll outline your talking points, and another hour in our advanced virtual studio capturing your insights for video, social, search, and email.  You may have additional research or subject matter experts to talk with in preparation for the studio session, and you'll want to approve the written and video content that we provide following your session. 

What is created?
For each studio session, we'll create 1-2 written articles for SEO purposes, and up to 1 email, and 3-5 video clips for use wherever your target audience prefers on line. That includes YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.  The specific outcomes depend upon the complexity of the topic and what is shared and captured during the session. Our producers work to maximize the value of each session.
What is the cost?

Own the Answer studio sessions are booked monthly and you can book up to 4 per month. 

# Sessions Monthly Cost *Discount
1 Session $2100 n/a
2 Sessions   $3900 8%
3 Sessions  $5700 10%
4 Sessions  $7500 12%

*Discount over single session price.

Interested in sharing your sessions with a group, association, or network? Ask for special pricing.

What is the commitment?
Studio sessions are booked per quarter, with additional sessions available based on availability. 
How does this fit with Account Based Marketing?
If you have a narrow sales audience rather than a large mass market, the content created works just as well. In addition to placing the content where your customers prefer online, you'll also use it in targeted sales and marketing communications to boost impact.
Isn't this just an FAQ?
An FAQ puts a list of frequent questions into yet another place where people have to search and filter. Own the AnswersTM answers the questions that your competitors are afraid to touch and places those expert insights out into the places where customers prefer to look for help. It uses rich media and showcases expertise for hard questions instead of just a list of generic information.