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Feel like your
marketing is adrift?

Buyers are shifting
and you've drifted apart.

All it takes is a slight shift

...and your marketing is headed off in a direction that misses your buyer completely - and keeps changing. A small miss today will become a hug gap tomorrow, especially if buyers change due to recession.

Leads from the wrong planet

When marketing misses, it creates a cycle of wasted time and lost opportunity. If you aren't selling them, then that means your competition is.

Debris is everywhere

Marketing that isn't aligned with both sales and your buyer will lead to ever-increasing ad costs, and decreasing returns. It's not only customers that are lost, it is your market position.

To get marketing on target it must be aligned with both sales and your buyer.

The right trajectory

Align on Your Buyer's Journey 

Join our guided Buyer Journey Workshops, complete with coaching, expert feedback and a written buyer journey that will transform your marketing and empower sales.

Align marketing and sales on the same story, buyer experience, and get on target.


Recalibrate Around the Buyer

Define the messaging, brand story, and buyer experience as foundation for effective marketing and website content. Re-align with shifting buyer concerns and needs.

Unified Story and Buyer Experience

Get your entire organization on the same course as your buyer to decrease ad costs, increase lead quality, and improve customer retention.

Create Your Story DeckTM

Develop a written buyer journey that is shared by sales and marketing and aligns your organization on the buyer experience and outcomes you deliver.

The Buyer Journey Workshop

Get Marketing on Target and Align Messaging with Sales

Buyers have shifted in a big way, and they are continuing to change in response to economic conditions. Re-alignment of your marketing team with sales insights provides a fresh focus on what your buyer needs in order to say, "yes."

Part 1

Customer Insights and Competitive Advantage

Part 2

Develop a powerful brand narrative to make your brand resonate and stick

Part 3

Competitive position and your competitive advantage
Nail the Customer Experience

Get the insights you need to focus on the essential elements that a post-COVID buyer needs to address their biggest drivers and overcome their greatest objections.

Tell A Single Story Across the Oraganization

Building from fresh buyer insights, you'll craft a unified brand narrative that creates a seamless buyer experience from the first encounter to post-sale support.

Stand Out in the Market

Differentiators erode over time, and become less potent as buyers change. Identify fresh differentiators that empower both marketing and sales to stand out from your competition.

Coaching and Expert Guidance

Each phase of the workshop draws out the best insights from your team and combines it with what's working in the market.

Detailed, Living Plan

Your team will complete a comprehensive written plan that will refocus marketing and fuel growth and provide guidance for your next stage of growth. You'll keep using it for years to come.

Actionable Insights

You'll get dozens of practical insights that will reshape the way you engage and win buyers, run advertising, and move visitors to become leads and customers.

Next Buyer Journey Cohort

Join the next Buyer Journey Cohort and find your buyer's flight path.

I'm Interested in Re-Aligning
on the Buyer

(plus a 30% discount)

Let us know that you're interested and we'll send you the options for joining the next cohort, or scheduling workshops exclusively for your organization.  Enter the code from the end of the video into the form below and we'll give you a 30% discount on the cost of joining a buyer journey group, or scheduling for your company.

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